Interview with Marco Cioci - Ferrari GT driver with Kaspersky Motorsport

Marco Cioci is one of the most talented GT drivers around. The Italian sportscar ace is racing for Ferrari since many years in various Endurance and GT championships around the world including the European Le Mans Series, Asian Le Mans Series and International GT Open.

For the 2017 season, Marco Cioci will take on a new challenge with the Maranello-based brand. He will compete in the full Blancpain Endurance Cup for Kaspersky Motorsport

We recently interviewed Marco Cioci about the 2017 season in Blancpain Endurance Cup and his targets with Kaspersky Motorsport and Ferrari in the SRO-organized series.

How great is it to drive for Kaspersky Motorsport and Ferrari in Blancpain Endurance Cup's upper Pro-Cup class?

It’s a great feeling for me to have the support of the Kaspersky Motorsport team. I believe in their approach and they believe in me. 

The successful partnership between Kaspersky Lab and Ferrari began in 2010 and is much more than simply an antivirus manufacturer because what they do is cyber security. By protecting Ferrari from cyber-threats, they can focus on constructing the fastest racing cars and winning each race. 

I will give my absolute best and I am very excited for what the future holds at the Kaspersky Motorsport team.

What are your targets for this year's competition with Kaspersky Motorsport?

We have a strong driver lineup that will help us develop our car and, ultimately, fight for the podium in each race. We will do our best to score the points every race and especially at Spa when we gonna fight until the end. it's going to be hard but we will do our best.

Kaspersky Motorsport will be racing against factory backed teams from Audi, Bentley BMW, Mercedes-AMG, Nissan and McLaren, what do you think about the competition in Blancpain GT Series?

It’s a very good series and the Blancpain Endurance is quite a strong championship. It’s a great sport, great show, and I’m pretty sure we’ll do a good job in this year.

The Spa 24 Hours is the stellar event of the Blancpain GT Series and it is often seen as one of the most demanding sportscar races in the world, do you agree with that?

There are very few races in the world of motorsport that have as unique, definitive and special atmosphere as the 24h of Spa, Le Mans and Daytona. 

The Total 24 Hours of Spa is something different. During the 24h race you need to stay out of trouble, be consistent, and make no mistakes. Over 24 hours anything can happen and you can have all kind of conditions so you just must be ready to switch yourself.

What is the difference between the Ferrari 488 GT3 and the Ferrari 488 GTE?

Ferrari 488 GT3 and Ferrari 488 GTE are very similar. They have similar traction control and the same chassis compare to the old Ferrari 458 GT3 and Ferrari 458 GTE. 

The main difference is that in the 488 GT3 you have ABS which is very helpful because in GTE you have to do the whole brake by yourself and you have to be very sensible. It sounds difficult but in reality for some reason is much easier because you do everything by yourself – with ABS sometimes easy overbaking. In this case you feel yourself more comfortable and safe but the lap time show the slower results. 

On the wet track, it's easier to drive the Ferrari GT3 and ABS playing the main role - you feel yourself more comfortable and your driving style could be more aggressive. It’s good to know both of them - experience with GT3 helps you in GTE as well as experience with GTE helps you to driver GT3.

Photos: Kaspersky Motorsport