Oliver Gavin: "We will be pushing just as hard as we always do to try and get that Corvette win"

Oliver Gavin, along with Tommy Milner and Marcel Fassler, will be starting from position nine on the grid, within the GTLM class, in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

In 2016 Oliver Gavin and his team-mates won the event at the wheel of the factory #4 Corvette C7.R ahead of the sister #3 machine. He will be targeting be a back-to back victory at Daytona, a third straight one for the American manufacturer.

Following a frustrating qualifying session, the British sportscar ace is confident that Corvette Racing would bounce back on race day in the Florida endurance classic.

"The session was OK. We were struggling a little bit with the balance. It seems like this weekend has been very different than how the two tests have gone – the Roar earlier this month and the test in December. It is warmer now, and also the wind direction is very different", Oliver Gavin said after the GTLM qualifying.

"There is a lot of sand on the track. That has been playing with us a little bit. I know it is the same for everyone. But I just think we are just slightly outside of our window to get the car to operate in a comfortable spot for us. But as we know, in qualifying here it is nice to be in the front, but it certainly is not everything"

About the 24-hour event: "This is race is long and tough. There are many sort of treacherous points you have to get through. We are mindful of that and just need to be there at the end to race whoever is left. Hopefully our car will come to us. That is the way we are thinking. Temperatures are certainly going to cool down and we might get some rain."

Oliver Gavin added; "This race, like I said, is long and tough with many hurdles that will be thrown in front of us. No, we aren’t exactly where we want to be. But we know there are many things we an do to changes that we can do to change our position. We will be pushing just as hard as we always do to try and get that Corvette win like we did last year."

Photo: Michelin