Valérie Chiasson ninth at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières

Entered this season in the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada, Quebec driver

Valérie Chiasson contested this past weekend’s Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in two

separate series, including the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada, to which she returned after

having missed last month’s event in Toronto. On a track that she knows well, she took

advantage of the popular event to capitalize on some promising performances.

Unfortunately, her inexperience came into play, forcing her to retire after a spin during

the first race on Saturday, just as she was in line to record her best result of the season.

On Sunday, she finished in ninth place.

After having claimed her first Top 6 result in Porsche GT3 Cup Canada during the Grand Prix du

Canada last June, where she was the only female of the 114 drivers, Valérie was only in her

second Porshe GT3 Cup Canada event of the season on a Quebec track. As normal, two races

were on the event schedule and Valérie brought her Porsche Prestige GT3 Cup car to an eighth

place qualifying position leading into the two races. « I’m really looking forward to contesting the

Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. It’s only about one hour away from home and it’s an event that

gives us the opportunity to compete in front of friends and family. It’s always fun to be there, »

confided Chiasson, who was chosen to be this year’s recipient of the "Friends of the Grand Prix

de Trois-Rivières" bursary.

As soon as the first race started under Saturday’s sunny skies, Valérie gained two spots, putting

her in place to battle for a Top 6 spot during two-thirds of the event. « I climbed one position at

the start, and passed another car three turns later. I then gave up that position and maintained

sixth place, but not without pressure from a veteran driver behind me » explained Valérie.

She nonetheless lost the advantage of what looked to be her best result in the series, in which

she is a rookie this year, when, thirteen laps from the finish she had a spin. « For several laps,

Ontarian Marco Cirone had been trying to pass me. At one point, I breaked too hard, locked up

my wheels, and spun into a tire wall. It wasn’t too hard a hit and only the rear wing was

damaged but I was forced to retire with less than 15 minutes before the finish » explained

Valérie Chiasson.

The following day, Valérie Chiasson took to the start with the sole objective of earning points

and getting experience. « I crossed the finish line in ninth place after having lost a lap following

a stop in the pits to remove part of the rear bumper that was just hanging on following a slight

collision. Without the stop, I would’ve been able to finish in seventh, but the most important

thing was to finish it. That was the only goal » concluded the driver, who is the Canadian

representative for the FIA "Women in Motorsport" commission, aimed at encouraging female

participation in motorsports.

For Valerie, a positive aspect retains her attention: "I really improved my performance, the times

have shown throughout the weekend. It's really good for the future. A big thank you to all my

team with whom cooperation was perfect throughout the weekend" she concludes.

Vancouver driver Scott Hargrove won Saturday’s race while Ontarian Daniel Morad was

victorious on Sunday.

The following outing for Valérie Chiasson and the Porsche Prestige Team will be on September

3rd and 4th when the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada will hold the last of its six 2016 season events,

at Ontario’s Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport).

Valérie Chiasson’s participation this season in the Porsche GT3 Cup Canada is organized in

partnership with Porsche Prestige (principal partner), Total Canada, Super Remover, Anibal

Automotive Design, L.P.M., VCE Auto Marketing and Pole-Position Magazine.

Valérie Chiasson Press Release