FIA WEC - Quotes from Porsche after the 6 Hours of Spa

Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser, Porsche Head of Motorsport “This was a somewhat turbulent race under tricky conditions
. You don’t have to understand the interventions of the stewards, but somehow it all balanced out in the end. Above all, we must underline the performance of Kévin Estre and Sven Müller, they did a fantastic job. When you’re new to a well-oiled team, the pressure and expectations are always very high, but the way these two handled it deserves the highest respect. They came up through the ranks of Porsche’s brand trophy series, and, considering the field they were up against today, everything they learned in our makes cup series speaks for itself. You can only recommend to every young driver to learn there.”

Sven Müller (Porsche 911 RSR #91): “We never imagined we would finish on the podium after such a turbulent and difficult early phase. But the fact that we managed it is a tribute to the strong performance of the entire team. To finish my first ever WEC race on the podium is an awesome feeling. Even starting in front of a packed grandstand and to see the enthusiasm of the fans was incredible. It gave me goosebumps. That was one of the most wonderful and thrilling races I’ve ever contested.”

Kévin Estre (Porsche 911 RSR #91): “My first stint ran well, but unfortunately I had a collision and I was penalised for it. This cost me time. In my second stint I stuck behind Fred for quite some time because he was a little faster than me. But I learned a lot, most of all how to conserve the tyres. My third stint with consistently fast lap times was my best. It was a great experience to drive the 911 RSR on this track. I’m pleased with my race.”

Richard Lietz (Porsche 911 RSR #92): “Over the course of the race we saw that the grid position is perhaps not that important at the six-hour event. But seriously: it was a very turbulent race. The stop-and-go penalty hit us hard, but we still managed to finish on second. This is great for the championship and certainly the best we could do today.”

Frédéric Makowiecki (Porsche 911 RSR #92): “The race was tough and the result was tight. My first stint was on used tyres and a little difficult. The other guys were all on fresh rubber, so it wasn’t easy to keep up. I simply didn’t get the tyres up to temperature and that cost me a lot of time. Thanks to our strategy, which worked perfectly, we could really turn up the heat again once we fitted new tyres, especially in the final phase. The drive-through penalty was a setback, but we handled it. The balance of our 911 RSR was very good today, and we had a lot of fun driving on this great track. We should be very pleased with second place after our difficult qualifying.”

Patrick Dempsey (Porsche 911 RSR #77): “My first race on this very selective circuit was a fantastic experience. My teammates have all raved about Spa, but my expectations were exceeded. Our qualifying ran without mishap and our 911 RSR’s pace was good in the race. I tried to make as few mistakes as possible, and aside from my spin, I managed this well. All in all, the experience was very positive for the team. Now we can look forward to Le Mans.”

Klaus Bachler (Porsche 911 RSR #88): “I got away well at the start and went from third to second place. After the first race hour we were on course for the podium, but then several incidents threw us back. Our 911 RSR made contact with several competitors, and our car was slightly damaged. Our team helped us with great pit stops, so that we could secure fourth in the end. It’s a pity, because I’m sure we could have achieved a better position today.”