JMW Motorsport drivers quotes after Silverstone

George Richardson

“I am really, really happy with our result! Sam did a mega job in qualifying and Rob made a storming start. The car was great, we knew from Friday we would have the race pace. The most difficult part was keeping heat in the tyres when under the safety. We could feel robbed by the safety car but that’s racing. What we have shown is that we are contenders. It is good to be back with JMW as I love the team and love coming back to ELMS.”

Sam Tordoff

“That was really special! As a ‘new boy’ I was quite apprehensive given the task of qualifying but it went well and I was happy with P6, and our fastest lap of the weekend so far. This has been a big challenge for me, I have never done a pit stop before, a driver changeover or taken over a car mid race. I think I shocked myself with my first stint! The car was great and it was an amazing experience. When I got in for my second stint, the final stint of the race, I felt I really had the grasp of it. I am thrilled with our result.”

Robert Smith

“It’s an amazing result for all of us. I am so pleased to get a great result in our home race so that family and friends could share it with us. I can’t wait for the next round – onward and upward!”

Photo: JMW Motorsport